November 6-11

ECAD’s director Jörgen Svidén visited Portugal and the cities Villa Real Sant Antonio and Mafra. The purpose of the trip was mainly to participate as a key note speaker in a Conference organized by the city of Mafra; Prevencão Do Consumo De Drogas.Preveno_do_Consumo_de_Drogas_13

Thanks to ECAD’s close collaborator, Director of APLD, Dr. Manuel Pinto Coelho, it turned out to include a lot more than that. Besides important and fruitful discussions with Dr. Pinto Coelho, he had arranged so that the city of Villa Real Sant Antonio got introduced to ECAD.
This resulted in Villa Real Sant Antonio and Mafra becoming new members of ECAD at a ceremony in the city, all in front of media representatives and local politicians.

The very well organized Conference in Mafra was a success, not the least because it ended with great support for a restrictive and humane policy and that Mafra decided to become members of ECAD. ECAD and Mafra have cooperated for some years and there have been discussions about membership, so it is with great pleassure that the city now have decided to fully participate in our organization.

 ECAD is proud to welcome our first Iberian cities to the extensive network!


During the stay in Portugal it was also a meeting with representatives from Dianova and discussions about having an ECAD-conference in Portugal in 2011.

More information on that will come.