These days ECAD participates in the ongoing conference on Urban Challenges and Sustainable Solutions in Stockholm to underline that environmental care and sustainable development is all about research, smart choices and active stance. EuroCities2009Drug abuse is a critical threat for the nature. South American rainforest has dwindled with 5,9 million acres over the past 20 years due to illegal drug production.
Take an active position against drugs, share your knowledge with us and join ECAD!

Under the auspicies of Swedish EU presidency Eurocities address the effects of climate change while pursuing economic growth, which is the ambition for the mayors of Europe’s biggest cities meeting in Stockholm November 24-26, 2009.

 Vice Mayor of Stockholm, Mr. Ulf Kristersson spoke of ECAD`s role in this work:

"Poverty is too often closely linked to substance abuse. We should all try to cooperate in finding drug fighting best practice. Allow me in that perspective to highlight the Stockholm-based European organisation ECAD - European Cities Against Drugs - who`s mission is to support its member cities with knowledge and good examples in the field of illicit drugs... They are attending this conference. Blame me if the Director approaches you. And please do sign up as members."