ECAD is a long standing member of the European Commission expert and advisory group Civil Society Forum on Drugs (CSFD). The CSFD is a 45 member large advisory body on drugs to the European Commission consisting of members with various viewpoints and experiences with which to combat drugs and addiction.

Within the CSFD - ECAD, in line with our misson, always seeks to bring attention to all aspects of the drugs issue. Rangning from emphasizing prevention of initation of drug use to the full recovery from addiction including aftercare and meaningful re-integration into society of former offenders ECAD strives to promote an ambitious drug policy. Settling for less harmful sustention of drugs use is, in our opinion, not good enough.

During the fall of 2020 a number of papers and processes have been undertaken by the forum in which we have contributed to feeding into the processes of formulating a new EU drugs strategy 2021-2025, recommendations to classification of cannabis under the International Drug Classification system, and a position paper on vulnerable groups and drug demand reduction in the light of COVID.

ECAD has contributed and fed into the process but we are not always in agreement with the general conclusions or point of departure taken by the forum. 

During a digital seminar on October 22th drug policy in Europe was discussed by ECAD and several other European organisation such as IOGT-NTO, KSAN, WFAD and ACTIS