and 6th World Forum Against Drugs 

Kerstin Kaell gives prize to Bertha Madras

Conference materials

Kevin Sabet, PhD, Director, Drug Policy Institute, University of Florida, President, Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), USA 
Speech at the WFAD /ECAD 25th Mayors Conference, Gothenburg, May 15, 2018 (Video 5min.)

Michael Jonsson, Dr, FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency
Supply reduction in Peril?  A lot of the worlds`s drug supply emanates from a war-torn Columbia

Text to the slides (PDF)
n Columbia, a peace deal has been struck, which gives hope for a closure of insurgency and violence (PDF)

Thomas Pietschmann, Dr, Drug Research Section, Division for Policy Analysis and Public Affairs, UNODC
The International drug control system, global/regional and national drug patterns and trends, and supply reduction efforts at the international level (PDF)