ECAD and Triple R project partners had a seminar on March 20, in Brussels, in connection to the launch of the three project publications: on Rehabilitation, Social Reinsertion and Justice Intervention. The publications summarize a great deal of experience and work in the field of recovery and alternatives to incarceration.
Participants from 7 European countries came to the Norway House in Brussels yesterday to be present at the launch of the Triple R publications. ECAD Secretary General was moderating the event.

Alphonse speaking

The main message of the seminar:

There is a distinct need for a person-oriented and sustainable recovery, imbedded in national drug policy initiatives. The reason for this is a clear cost and benefit correlation effect, the longer the investment in recovery of drug addicts, the bigger are the chances of getting active and working citizens and tax payers in return. The long-term investment is attainable ensuring cooperation between public agencies and civil society and recovery communities.

The polemics at the seminar focused on :
 - investing in personal empowerment
-  offering alternatives to imprisonment,
 - working with drug addicts to motivate for recovery, working with trust and involving peer to peer approach
 - the challenge of free time for recovering addicts.

Suggestions for the policymakers:

Triple R handbooks

Contact us to get a hard copy of the publications at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

download your copies from the project website


Manual on drug rehabilitation and recovery

Handbook on Justice Interventions and alternatives to incarceration for drug abuse offenders

Handbook on social reintegration of recovered drug users