November 18-19

ECAD Swedish network of cities held its annual Conference in Stockholm.

There were several interesting lectures on some of Stockholm’s activities concerning illicit drugs: Housing first, preventive measures etc.
The participants met a newly appointed Deputy Mayor and ECAD’S new Advisory Board member Anna Köning Jerlmyr, who made a short presentation and heard about organisational activity plans for 2011 from ECAD’s director Jörgen Svidén.

ECAD Sweden has also decided that, besides Markus Häggström, Eva Andersson, Patrik Runesson and Marie Ljungberg-Schött should be re-elected to the Board. A new member, Dario Espiga, Deputy Mayor from Göteborg, was elected.
ECAD Sweden members have, among others issues taken up the task to develop the Swedish ECAD member cities` international contacts.
The Swedish ECAD network Annual Award was given to the IOGT youth activity JUNIS, in Umeå. The Board of ECAD Sweden is grateful for active iterest and engagement of this member cityin the preventive work!

ECAD Sweden will meet next year in Borås.