The abstracts
4th European Conference on the methods and results of social and behavioural research on AIDS
"European Approach Towards AIDS: Research, Prevention and Care"

Vilnius, Lithuania, September 19-21, 2002


1. Implementation of harm reduction projects in Lithuania: Isn't it time to stop and think?
Nellya Galieva, Sylvia Sax; Heidelberg University, Department of Tropical Hygiene and Public Health

2. Multisectoral co-operation in the psychosocial research among IDUs in Moscow:
Trubnikov M.N., Bijl M., Khachatrian A., Barkov D.A., Savchenko T.N., Vassanov A.Y., Bodrova V.V., Blagovo D.V.

3. Substitution treatment with methadone: 6,5 year follow up of 59 Patients admitted into treatment in 1995:
Emilis Subata, Egle Pinceviciute, Vaiva Povilaitiene, Leokadija Aleksa. Vilnius Centre for Addictive Disorders.

4. Harm and risk reduction of HIV and drug use in Republic of Moldova:
Virgiliu Popa, NGO «VitAs».

5. A theory and evidence-based AIDS prevention program for Dutch drug users: Short-term effects:
Pepijn van Empelen (Universiteit Maastricht), Gerjo Kok (Universiteit Maastricht)

6. Different ways to combat drugs and HIV - A Critical View
Tomas Hallberg, ECAD, Director.

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