International Dimensions for European Drug Policy
European House of Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
March 1-2, 2005


Agenda (PDF)

Handouts and Addresses

  1. ANDREA BARTHWELL - Former Deputy Director Office of National Drug Control Policy
    “Harm Reduction or Harm Maintenance: Is There a Such Thing as Safe Drug Abuse?”

  2. LUC BEAUCOURT - Director, University Clinic of Antwerp
    A “Harm Reduction” Policy means harm promotion

  3. PETER B. BENSINGER - Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources
    “Harm Reduction or Harm Maintenance: Is There a Such Thing as Safe Drug Abuse?”

  4. CALVINA L. FAY - Executive Director, Drug Free America Foundation, Inc.
    The Harm in Harm Reduction

  5. TOMAS HALLBERG – Director, ECAD
    EMCDDA: Research centre or propaganda machine?

  6. KERSTIN KÄLL - MD, PhD University of Linköping Sweden
    What science tells us about needle exchange programs

  7. ROBERT E. PETERSON - VP International Affairs, President, Evaluation Solutions, Attorney at Law
    - PRIDE Youth Programs
    - A New Global Approach to Reduce Drug Demand – Rooted in Hope, Growing with Success
    (Compiled by Robert Peterson On behalf of the International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy in collaboration with Drug Prevention Network of the Americas and Drug Free America Foundation, Inc.)

  8. HERBERT SCHAEPE - former Secretary of the International Narcotics Control Board ( INCB)
    “Harm Reduction” in the Context of the International Drug Control Conventions

  9. ERIC A. VOTH - M.D., FACP Chairman, The Institute on Global Drug Policy
    -Harm Reduction Drug Policy
    -Drug Legalization, Harm Reduction, and Drug Policy
    Robert L. DuPont, M.D. President Institute for Behavior and Health, Inc. Rockville, MD 20852 and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry Georgetown University School of Medicine Washington, D.C. Eric A. Voth, M.D. FACP Chairman The International Drug Strategy Institute and Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine University of Kansas School of Medicine Kansas City, Kansas
    -Contemporary Drug Policy
    Northwestern University Journal of International Policy 1/21/2000 Eric A. Voth, M.D., FACP Chairman, The International Drug Strategy Institute Ambassador Melvyn Levitsky, Syracuse University, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs

  10. JOHN P. WALTERS – Director, Office of National Drug control Policy, USA
    A compassionate and effective drug policy

  11. MARC WHEAT – Senior Adviser for Senate Affairs, U.S. Department of State
    The Flaws of Harm Reduction in the United States

  12. Letter from Antonio Maria Costa to R. Charles (PDF)
  13. What Are Drug Users Looking For When They Contact Drug Services: abstinence or harm reduction? (PDF)

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