Kian Reme, ECAD Chairman, has been recently interviewed in Norwegian newspaper ( Kian Reme
He expressed his vision of Norwegian drug policy, affected to a great extent by ideological polemics and myths.

A notorious "Norwegian drug policy has failed" is one of such myths.  The truth is much more complex. Having a vision of a society free from drugs and having a vision of zero deaths in traffic are safety policies with much in common, states Kian in the article.

 Read the whole interview in Norwegian here.



Dear Mayor Conference guests,

in order to make it easier for you to find the Conference venue (Eiganesveien 64) , Welcome Reception on Sunday (at Ledaal, Eiganesveiein 45), Conference Dinner  on Monday (at Olavskleivå 25, Klubben), and Skagenkaien for the Boat Tour on Wednesday we have prepared a map for you down here.

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Your Hotels,Thon Hotel Maritim and Scandic Forum, are on map too. We hope you will find it useful.

ECAD Executive Board Meeting will take place on Sunday at 16.00 at Övre Kleive Gate 15, close to Klubben, is also on the map.

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Read more: Full Support to the Drug Control Conventions at the UNThe UN General Assembly convened in New York City last week to reaffirm the global commitment to the international drug conventions.

These conventions, created to prevent and reduce drug use worldwide, remain the cornerstone of global drug policy.

ECAD was present at the meetings among over 300 NGOs that came together at the UN in New York to support the policy of drug prevention with the message:
"Prevent. Don`t Promote".

"Prevent. Don't Promote." is a campaign sponsored by numerous organizations that support the UN international drug conventions and want to see a public health and safety based policy centered on the prevention of drug use and drug problems.

A new discussion paper on the Future of Drug Policy was issued and distributed at the event in collaboration with Drug Policy Futures. It is a concise version of the certain aspects of the report "Future of Drug Policy - Real Solutions Grounded in Global Evidence", published at the end of last year and available at
The Future of Drug Policy Discussion Paper is available at ECAD Head Office.

"Despite the rhetoric about rifts in the global consensus on drug policy, the reality on the ground is the UN and member states are upholding principles in line with the drug conventions,"  remarked our Secretary General Erik Leijonmarck.
 "Moreover, this same misleading rhetoric obscures the real progress being made to scale up public health interventions in drug policy."

Though NGOs were supportive of the meeting and outcome, there remains room for improvement on international drug policy.

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Photograph: C H , Stavanger bybro

ECAD Mayors` Conference in Stavanger is going to be one of the most interesting and picturesque ones. We have a lot to offer our guests:
latest research, Prevention Quality Standards, UNGASS in a nutshell, successfull prevention projects and much more.

Download Programme Highlights for details a
nd do not miss the boat tour in the Stavanger fjords on Wednesday!

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ECAD is ready to announce our second conference within the framework of  the Baltic Spice Alert project, a project on new psychoactive substances in the Baltic Sea region: Bild pa inbjudan till Tallinn

Why do most drug-related deaths occur in the Baltic Sea region? 
A one-day conference on May 27, in Tallinn, Estonia.

The unprecedented emergence of potentially fatal psychoactive substances, many of which are not under international control  has led to their increased abuse, hospital emergencies and sometimes fatalities.
ECAD wishes to consider why particularly this European region has become infamous for the latter. Do we have the worst situation with the notorious psychoactive substances – in the whole EU - or is it the way we are collecting drug-related mortality statistics that plays in here? Or, maybe, something else?

We would like to have a discussion on this in Tallinn. 

Tallinn loggaWe organize this conference with a support of Tallinn City Council. You are most welcome to join ECAD at the picturesque Tallinn Mayors´ Residence, Jaan Poska maaja, J. Poska street 8.

The core group will make a study visit to the Estonian Forensic Science Institute on May 26, the day before the conference. Do you want to join us? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Project Conference announcement (PDF)




ECAD's activities from year to year culminate in the annual ECAD Mayors Conference, hosted by a distinct ECAD member city every summer. Councillors and other politicians and policymakers convene with academics and civil society organizations to participate in seminars and study visits, discussing the latest developments in drug prevention efforts throughout Europe.


On June 12-13, 2017 the City of Kaunas will host the 24th ECAD Annual Mayors’ ConferenceSafe Cities Without Drugs. Preventing, Protecting, Policing”.

Kaunas logotype


It is our pleasure to invite you to this important conference and to share successful examples of prevention, discuss common problems and find common solutions. Safe cities without drugs are the cities preventing effectively, policing crime, protecting thecitizens and their health.


Register to
Picture: Kazys Mikalauskas

Warm welcome to Kaunas, Lithuania!

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The ECAD Resolution, crafted at a conference to increase cooperation between cities, provides inspiration and hope for areas with particularly difficult drug problems. The signatories to the resolution will affirm their decision to fight against the spread of drugs.