Fabio Bernabei`s  work to stop the use and spread of illegal narcotic drugs was extremely important for ECAD and lots of other international associations and NGOs. He will be immensely missed by those who were on the same wavelength for the promotion of a drug-free society.

fabio bernabeiFabio Bernabei died on Monday, May 30, 2016. Born in Rome on 1 November 1963, his untimely death is due to the return of a bone tumor which had struck him when he was just 16 years.

Journalist and essayist, who was trained at the school of Brazilian catholic thinker Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, he was a promoter of many initiatives and battles in defense of Christian civilization, especially as a founding member of Associazione Famiglia Domani (Association of Tomorrow’s Family) and Centro Culturale Lepanto (Cultural Center Lepanto), whose president he became in 2006.

Fabio Bernabei was a founder-director of
Associazione Osservatorio Droga and editor of its online magazine, Italian National representative for ECAD, a correspondent of anti-drug international journal Narkotikafragan  and Drug Watch International (DWI, Washington), and a consultant for the Italian government’s Department of National Drug Control Policies. For his denunciation of the "drug culture", he received prestigious "International Veronica Guerin Award" in the category of freelance journalist.

Among his books, we remember those dedicated to refuting the drug ideology:
Storia moderna della droga (Modern History of Drugs), I Libri del Borghese, Roma, 2010; Cannabis medica?(Medical Cannabis?), Sugarco, Milan 2012;

Fabio updated the cover image of his profile on Facebook on July 15, 2014, with the face of Pope Francis and his following statement: «I would like to say very clearly: the problem of drug use is not solved with drugs! Drug addiction is an evil, and with evil there can be no yielding or compromise». And Fabio fought against this evil until the end, without concessions or compromises.

Fabio Receives Veronica Guerin Award in 2014 from the City of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

In 2014 Fabio Bernabei received Veronica Guerin Award from the ECAD City of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

We call upon our associates to keep him in their memories as a person who despite his health problems, has always fought for the good cause with utmost self-denial, generosity, sacrifice and courage. Suffice to recall that at times he was jumping from a plane to another, at least until he was physically able to do so, to attend drug-related meetings and events whenever they were taking place, from Wien to Tehran, from Istanbul to Sophia and Reykjavík in Iceland, and beyond.

RIP (Requiescat in pace) and let us remember him in our prayers.