On January 27, ECAD in cooperation with Riga Stradina University and Riga City Council invite to the conference "The Deadly Charm of Spice: how we judge, prevent and assess abuse in the Baltic Sea region".

The Conference is a part of the Legal High Baltic Alert, a project initiated by ECAD at the end of 2015. The
grounds were continuous alarming reports from our colleagues in the Baltic countries and in Belarus, and also the latest EMCDDA report (2015), which revealed the highest substance mortality rates in the region in Estonia, Sweden and Latvia (compared to other EU countries). That had in many cases to do with the unknown synthetic mixes.

This trend clearly undermines security and social welfare of each city in the region.
We have pulled together a smart group of prevention specialists, policemen, EMCDDA scientific analyst, NGO activists, a forensic expert, a drug and media analyst and recovered Spice users to begin with. Join us for a fruiteful discussion in Riga, we will also come out with a report afterwards.

The Conference will take place at Anninmuizas bulvaris 26A, Riga Stradina University, from 9.00. a.m. untill 3.30.p.m.
Download the Conference Programme (PDF)