Stav kommune   Warm welcome to the City of Stavanger!

ECAD next Mayors`Conference

Proactivity beats Reactivity -
Examining the evidence for sound drug prevention in our cities -

will take place in Stavanger, Norway, on May 9-10, 2016.
The venue is Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel at Olav V`s Gate 3.
The 23rd ECAD Mayors` Conference will focus on how we should improve drug prevention efforts. Science tells us that investing in prevention works and can spare us from future problems, but it can be difficult to translate that knowledge into concrete action. However, the cities possess a rich pool of experiences and best practices that will be presented at the conference.

The deadline for Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel booking is April 10, accomodation for the negotiated prices after that cannot be guaranteed.
We are preparing the First Announcement that will be published here shortly.

Conference Booking Form

By Casper Tybjerg